36x60 Wide & Deep Tub Armor

36x60 Wide & Deep Tub Armor

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Tub Armor - Maximum tub protection during construction

This economical bathtub protection system is a product used by professionals. This easy to use, rip resistant cover will protect your tub from all of the scratches, dings, and chips that occur during construction. No more worrying about items falling onto the tub!

Benefits of using Tub Armor:

NO MORE MESSY TUBS AND DRAINS: Tub Armor’s water tight material keeps your tub and drain covered and free of debris.
NO MORE SCRATCHES AND DINGS: Tub Armor is made from a rip resistant woven plastic that will resist the harshest accidents. This durable design can withstand workers feet without ripping or tearing.
EASY CLEAN-UP: Tub Armor is easily removable, taking the construction debris away with it, leaving your tub in the same condition it was before your project began.
REUSABLE: Because tub armor is so strong you can reuse the cover

Package Contents:

  • Foam Base layer for the side wall and the floor
  • Tub Armor Cover
  • 1 roll of tape
  • Installation Guide

Size and Dimensions:

  • This TA3660 product is designed to fit wide and deep tubs. With its flexible design you can adjust it for the perfect fit every time.

      36” x 60” x 15” - Wide tub
      36” x 60” x 22” - Deep soaker tub

  • Package size

      9” x 16” x 3”

How does it work?

3 layers for maximum protection

1st layer - Durable foam underlayment provides extra protection against falling debris and dropped tools.

2nd layer - Tub Armor rip resistant woven plastic cover. This layer covers the entire tub for protection

3rd layer - Armor Tape. This specialized tape will seal in your tub preventing dirt and debris to go underneath the tub armor without leaving any stains or residue.

For best results, keep Armor Tape at or above 70℉.

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