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The Tub Armor product was designed by a contractor for contractors!  In our business we have struggled to keep our bathtubs clean and scratch free.  We have tried all the options: cutting a wood piece to cover it, using painters plastic and canvas drop cloths, carpet pieces, even bubble wrap.  The existing products available on the market never seemed to do the job well enough, and they got in the way of our sub contractors.  Do these sound familiar? 

Knowing what contractors need in this business to keep their jobs running, and staying cost efficient, Tub Armor products are now a standard tool that will give you the protection and peace of mind you need for all of your projects.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, return it using our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Use Tub Armor for all Trades

Prevent paint splatter
Screws and nails won't damage the tub anymore
Resist damage from dropped tools and materials
Finish the shower fixtures without worry
Tile Installers
Working in the tub is SAFE, now that you’re protected

why choose us!

RIP Proof & Reusable

Our woven fabric can’t be ripped.  Go ahead, stand on it, work on it, Tub Armor will not rip. 

Total Protection

You can relax now that you're protected.  Once installed, Tub Armor will be working day and night.

Save Time

Don’t worry about making your own contraption to protect your bathtub

Oops! Did You Drop Something?

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Hate the Clean Up?

Less than 1 minute to clean the entire tub, it will be as clean as when you started your project.

unbeatable Quality

it epitomizes top quality through its superior materials, innovative creation, and impeccable functionality