About Us

Tub Armor was created to make the lives of contractors and property owners easier. Being a contractor for 20+ years I’ve struggled seeing bathtubs getting damaged during remodel and new construction projects. Frustrated with my team and other subcontractors I spend a lot of time trying to solve the problem with existing products out there. I’ve tried them all and I wasn’t happy. I still had damaged bathtubs, and huge messes to clean up.
I needed a product that actually worked to protect those finished areas, as well as provide an easy clean up; thus Tub Armor was created. Tested by dozens of contractors, we received waves of positive reviews from them. We decided it was time to allow everyone to have a clean undamaged tub or shower all the way through their project. Just try it, the satisfaction of removing the Tub Armor and seeing the results of a damage free and clean tub always makes me smile.
Enjoy your professional Tub Armor Products!